Selecta Theme – Archive pics not showing?

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    IN SHORT- Images not showing in archives and recent posts?

    I’ve just moved my blog to the Selecta theme and recent posts does not show the images – just empty spaces with titles below? If I scroll through my images page by page the images show. If I click on the archive I just get the titles with no images showing? I’ve successfully added a few stickies at the top so most of the functions appear to work OK.
    Any advice about how I can get images to show in recent posts and archives will be very much appreciated. In advance of any replies – Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    The site linked to your username is wearing Twenty Eleven. Please provide a link to the site you are asking about.



    SORRY – The site I’m having problems with is

    Thanks for taking the time…


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    Are you using the exact dimensions for the thumbnails?
    Thumbnail (190×110 px) on main page, archive pages, latest posts showcase row.



    Hi 1tess,
    All I have done so far is just switch from one theme to the present theme (Selecta) showing on
    I haven’t done anything to the images that were already uploaded. I have left them untouched from as they appeared on the previous theme. They all show when scrolling through pages.
    Is there something that I should be setting for the thumbnails?
    If I change the image size then presumably all that wil do is reduce the size of the image on the actual post.
    I have assumed the theme will automatically bring up thumbnails as it did in the previous theme.
    Any advice is welcomed.
    Thank you again for taking the time to help with my query.


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    Yes, you should make your thumbnails to the exact dimensions I wrote above.
    190 x 110 px

    Then you select one to become the featured image for that post. You’ll have to do it for each of your posts.

    There has been a change recently:


    The Latest Posts section in selecta doesn’t display regular images inserted in your posts, it displays featured images.


    @tess: In general, FIs work if in the recommended dimensions or larger. In Selecta, smaller ones will also show up.


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    Yes, I just discovered that. Sorry for the mistake.



    Thanks for all the brilliant input.
    Forgive my general ignorance. I’m struggling to follow what I should do. I’ve been with wordpress for a while but I’ve not meddled with this sort of thing before.
    Do I have to upload 2 images and set one as a “featured image” with the “thumbnail” option selected and then upload another and leave at full size by selecting “full size”?
    If I set an image as a featured image, will this not turn that image into a header image?
    Your patience is appreciated.


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    No, I’m sorry. You don’t have to upload smaller images. I made a mistake about the featured image problem.

    You only have to go to each post and select a “featured image.” In Spectra the featured image becomes the thumbnails.



    Thats great news and it appears to be working fine now.
    The way I’m selecting “featured image” is by deleting the image then going back to my media library then reslecting the image and then clicking on “featured image” then re-inserting back into the post then updating the post.
    Am I doing this in the way you imagined?
    Is that how you would achieve the outcome or is there a shortcut that you are aware of.
    Once again I am so grateful for your time.


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    You shouldn’t have to delete the image and re-insert it. I did it on my test blog by simply selecting the featured image.…

    (late reply because I had to go to work)



    I think I’ve cracked it now. Well I say I – I actually mean you’ve cracked for me. Thanks for all your help. All the best.


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    Your blog looks good. That’s a nice theme!
    so all the best back at you



    Hi Tess,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I had to stop by your blog and now I’m hungry!!!
    It looks really comprehensive with loads of great stuff on there.
    It’s to late for me to take a good look but there are some mouth watering recipes and I shall pop back tomorrow..
    Best wishes.

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