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Selecta Theme Bugs

  1. How do i remove the 'reply/comment' box from Selecta theme?

  2. I feel like a total idiot because I cannot figure out how to get the Featured Posts Slider on my homepage... please help!

  3. ntadee: For the featured posts slider to show up in Selecta, you will need to mark at least 2 posts as Sticky. I hope this helps!

  4. How do you do that? The hotlink didn't work... : (

  5. @natadee
    That's not a "hotlink". To hotlink means to steal someone else's bandwidth by linking to their images. That is an active link in anchor text.

    General link model:
    Type your anchor text first, highlight it with your mouse, then create the link
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

  6. sorry!!! I'm kind of new at this : \
    I have "Show sticky posts in a featured slider on the front page" and "Show Latest Posts row on the front page" both checked under Theme Options, how do I mark a post as sticky?

  7. Look at this image of the Publish module >

  8. I am vlad to see it is not me. I just go a web host, iPage, and transfer the wp files.
    Had to install the theme and I am having the following issues:
    1)Main headline says "selecta" not the name of the site
    2)Headline is not including pages
    3)Images are showing double on postings
    4)Contact form is not available

    What I don't understand is how come this works on one environment and not the other. Look at the differences on these sites:

    Can anyone help? I am not too tech savvy

  9. Anyone knows up to how many sticky posts are featured on the front page?

    anyway to limit it to the latest 5 everytime or have to unstick it manually?


  10. @yadiraam
    This site . is not being free hosted by it's a self hostwed WordPress.ORG install which runs on different software, has different features, and has a different version of the Selecta theme than we have here for free hosted blogs. The correct support forum for that blog is

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