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Selecting a blog name

  1. I want to set up two new blogs. One has the name '' and the other ''. However, I can't use those names because I'm told that they're both taken. Yet when I type those names in the url, there's no such sites exist. Are the names taken but not being used, or am I missing something? Thanks
    Blog url:

  2. Both of those blog URLs have been registered by other users.

    If you like, you can attempt to contact the owner of those blogs and ask them if they would like to transfer them to you. You can do this by either leaving them a message using a contact form if it exists, or leaving a comment on an existing page or post requesting they contact you.

    If you are able to reach the blog owner and they are willing to transfer the blog to you, here are the instructions they can use to do that:

    If they do not respond or refuse the transfer, you will need to select a different name for your blog.

    Keep in mind we also offer an upgrade for custom domain names and you can use any blog URL underneath a custom domain. For more details about how domain mapping works:

  3. Thanks, but I can't find those blogs to contact them eg, there doesn't appear to be a site. Have they been registered, but are not being used?

  4. Okay, appears to not have any posts or pages on it. Unfortunately, if the blog owner chooses to not publish any posts or leave a contact form, then we're unable to transfer that domain.

  5. So, is the only option then to select another name? Also, can I then register a different url (eg, and have that site redirect traffic to the wordpress site?

  6. Right, you'll need to select a different blog address/URL.

    You can map any domain, such as, to any underlying URL. In that case, no one will be able to see your address but you.

    I hope this helps to clarify! Let us know if you have more questions :)

  7. How do I map the domain name so that's what appears in the url? eg, I've registered a domain name, but it displays as Is that something WordPress looks after, or is it done by the people I've registered the domain name with?

  8. You'll need to use the domain mapping upgrade. This guide explains how to get everything set up:

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