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    Hi, When I click a category in the sidebar on my blog that has many posts in it, only one shows up to read, not all of them. It is just the beginning paragraph which makes sense. But shouldn’t all posts in that category be listed so that a reader on my blog could choose from the list that is in that category? I’ve looked on the dashboard but can’t figure out how to have all the posts show up. My blog is

    thanks! Deanna

    The blog I need help with is



    a) Only one post shows up because that’s what you’ve set in Settings > Reading. Unfortunately the number of posts per page you set applies to all dynamic pages: you can’t set a certain number for the main posts page and a different number for the category pages.
    b) A reader can click the “Older posts” link to move to previous posts filed under the same category.
    c) If you want lists of posts, you need to create an index page.



    Thanks for your response.

    I guess I’ll have to go for the index page because I do only want one post on my home page. Is there a widget for this or is it something I create manually? (if you know :-)




    You can do it manually, if you want full control. (For an example, try clicking the top menu tabs in my blog.) The drawback, of course, is that you’ll have to update the relevant page each time you publish a new post.
    Or yo can do it semi-manually, by using a shortcode that isn’t fully documented in the Support docs yet:
    [display-posts category="SLUG" posts_per_page="20"]
    Replace SLUG with the actual slug of a category (its name as it appears in the URL of the category, for instance “disposable-planet”).
    Don’t be fooled by “posts_per_page”: it actually means how many posts to display. So make sure the number you enter is always higher than the number of posts you’ve published under the category.

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