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    Sometimes I include the photography tag on my posts. I can’t see any rhyme or reason to how the photograph gets selected to go on the tag page. For instance, I may have a beautiful (photo worthy) picture of fruit cascading over golden pound cake plus lovely shots of the pound cake alone, but the photograph that goes up is of a bowl of batter–not why I included the photo tag. There seems to be no sense to the photo that goes up, not first, not last. Have I been cursed by the photography tag gods? Can I designate a photo to show up on the photography tag page for the post? Or am I stuck with luck of the draw?

    The blog I need help with is



    What was the specific post that was placed on the tag page, and which photo in that post was used?


    Here’s the post:

    It was the second photo that went up–a bowl of sugar and butter creamed together.


    I could give other examples; this was just one case.


    Anybody out there?



    When I clicked the “photography” tag in your pound cake post this is where it went to and I do see your posts there >



    When I clcik through from the pound cake post I see these entries which are all linked on that page but I haven’t included the links in the copy paste below:

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    Thanks, but apparently I wasn’t clear. I’m talking about the photograph that shows up on the WordPress photography tag page. You know, when you go to the WordPress page and see the recent posts?



    Ahhh now I think I get it.

    Are you saying that you would like to see the powers that be to consider featuring your photograph on the global tagging page for photography?

    If so then don’t know who does the selecting but Staff will know that


    Um, no, but we’re getting closer. I doubt if my photos are ever good enough to make the featured page. However, when you include the “photography” tag on your post, the post does show up on the photography tag page automatically, just like it does on every other WordPress tag page, gradually moving further back based on the time it’s been posted. It’s the photograph that appears there that I’d like to be able to set. How are those photos chosen? Can I mark one as “the one” to show up?



    Hello again,
    At present we members can’t do what you ask, but perhaps Staff will consider the idea in a positive light. Why not ask?


    Thank you, Timethief. I’m sorry I missed your reply earlier. I’ll put forward the suggestion. :-)

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