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    Hi there!

    This is basic, but I’m struggling to find a way to activate a theme for my other blogs.

    So I have 3 blogs, one of which is hidden and inactive, and two new ones. I activated a theme for one of the new ones without a problem, but now I’m trying to activate one for my second new blog and can’t. When I view the themes and activate, it defaults to my old blog, and I can’t see anywhere how to select the blog I actually want that theme to go with. Did you get what I meant or did I confuse you? lol

    I hope I don’t embarrass myself here by asking a retarded question, but I just can’t find it! :S

    Thanks for the help in advance :D

    The blog I need help with is



    Hmm, please ignore my post! Just found out the answer to my own question :P

    (I had to click on the blog on my “Manage my blogs” bit, then from the dashboard of that specific blog is that I’d have to click on appearance, themes etc…)

    Duh =B


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