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    So why does Reader include some of the blogs I am following and not others ? :(

    Just clicked on an old blog I followed a while ago and found it is hugely active, not a sign of it in Reader.

    [off topic – and it was a good idea to switch topics in magazine format to reader?????]

    The blog I need help with is



    Same here, and I’ve lost readers over this because people don’t see my posts anymore.



    I’m having this same issue – is the blog I’m missing in my Reader. I’ve just un-followed and then re-followed to see if it would show up, but nothing. I had this problem a few months back with another blog and that fixed the issue No such luck this time… ??


    I was following frugalfreeding and didn’t get some posts either. Well, I haven’t had lots of posts up. As this hasn’t received any comments I posted on another one, who knows if there will be a reply?

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