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selective tag search

  1. Is it possible (or could it be made possible) to search for all blog posts within a specific blog having the same tag? I've had a number of people ask me how they can see all of my posts with the same category without necessarily seeing everyone else's. Can it be made so that, when you select a category, you have the option of selecting either "for this blog only" or "for all wordpress blogs"?

  2. I think the only way is to use the Category widget in your blog. Choosing a category in the sidebar brings up all the posts in the blog that are filed under that category. I think that is what you were after, right?

  3. vickyth: whether or not the categories go to or is theme dependent. You could try changing themes (cutline, light, rubrick, and solipsus all have the categories going to the blog, instead of

  4. @engtech
    Thanks for the useful information. Too bad Pressrow (by the same designer who did Cutline) doesn't have site specific category tagging too.

  5. I have a feeling it's a bug that some themes link to the blogs' specific tag instead of the overall tags.

    @tt: I was really surprised to find that out. I had made the assumption that all themes work the same in that respect.

    I agree with dailygrub that the category widget is the best solution. I've also been getting into the habit of manually putting in a "see other posts tagged with" and a list of tags back to my own blog at the end of larger posts.

  6. @engtech
    RATS! I'm sorry. I was mistaken. Pressrow does have blogsite specific categories as well [she said with a redface]. I also remember a long running forum debate on the subject of category tagging being made blogsite specific instead of reflecting all of wordpress.coms tags. However, I don't clearly remember how it was resolved.

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