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    As you are probably aware, many people use for more complex websites than blogs (in my case I am using it as a front-end for a project I am working on). The problem is, I have some pages I just want to look like normal web pages, and others that I want to look like blog posts. The unfortunate thing is that if I have something I want to look like a “normal” page, such as an “about me” section or a “donate” page, I don’t want to have any comments on it, but most of my other sections I do want to allow comments. When I disable the comments using the admin panel, it leaves an ugly “Comments Off” at the bottom of the page. It seems that this is a fairly common problem with users. I do own the CSS upgrade, so I can change around the CSS. I know how disable ALL of the comments using CSS, but it doesn’t seem there is a way I can selectively disable them. Similarly, it would be nice to disable the “Posted in [category] by [name] on [date]” for such pages. searching through comments here and on google I could not seem to find a solution for (obviously, it is pretty easy with a “.org” deployment). I think I speak for many people when I say it would be nice to have a “static” webpage option for individual pages — and I know that as a coder myself this would be pretty easy to implement. At the very least, I think it would make sense to get rid of “Comments Off” and just leave that area blank, since a blank area implies that commenting isn’t allowed there anyway. Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think this is something that can be done at this time, so I moved this over to the ideas forum so it can be noticed.


    You can easily mask the “Comments Off” tab selectively via html in the page editor.



    You can enable or disable comments on each individual post or page. Then use CSS to hide the “comments off” message.

    Also, I may be wrong, but I think most themes won’t display the “comments off” message on a page when comments are disabled.

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