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  1. I am curious. Does anyone know why the spam that is not caught by Akismet always comes on the same post?

  2. Akismet needs to be educated to the many variations of zoomer alice etc. spam that are currently hitting us tonight. The other spam rash is the many variations of the pornzone one that are coming in as "comments". The pattern I've noticed for these broadbased spam attacks is that Saturday nights are the prime nights for them and also for individuals spamming the wordpress forum too. We need to mark every one that sneaks through askismet as spam so the education takes place. Also we need to be cautious about clicking any links that people post on the forum.

  3. Oh yes, for sure. I always report as spam. Yes Sat night seems to be popular for these parasites. And yes, these are porn sites ... I never click on the links. ;)

  4. I think it always goes on the same post because if you let one slip through, then the spammer figures that you won't check that post again, so it can spam there freely. I left some spam comments but stripped out the URLs etc just to test, and those entries still get spam comments.

  5. raincoaster, you are right. If I think back to the first spam I tried to report, I made the mistake of deleting the comment first, then I couldn't report it-nothing to report.
    Well they are now coming in fast and furious. Is there anything I can do to make them stop flooding in on this older post?

  6. You are not alone. We are all experiencing a huge SPAM wave. The only thing we can do while sysadmin are trying to cope behind the scenes is to keep marking them as "spam" rather than deleting them.

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