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    My main question was answered when I registered, which automatically gave me my API. :}

    I want to add a youtube video to my blog, and as you know WP is supported ( cus its the best)

    But how do I know if I am using WP, or WP self-hosted. I imagine that the difference is that the blog resides on your server or mine (?) but I am afriad that I am not sure. I asked my host, but maybe someone here can answer how I find this out?

    Also, I like that snapshot application that gives a quick view of the page, where can I get that?




    If you have a host you are self hosted. Best to use their forum. But snap preview is turned on in admin. I am not going to tell you where. Having a good look round will do you good. :)



    Dashboard> presentation > extras > check box to turn on or uncheck to turn off.



    What is your URL? If it has or you paid to have the .wordpress part removed, you’re hosted at If not, you’re self-hosted.

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