Self hosting Videopress not working, can you help?

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    I have a self-hosted WordPress site at

    I have just purchased a subscription to VideoPress and have tried to upload my first video.

    When I clicked on the VideoPress Icon in my self hosted blog, all I got was a white screen, which said VideoPress in the top left corner and close button in the top right corner. I’m using Google Chrome browser. I tried IE9 it then gave me a WordPress login box, and then failed saying it couldn’t open the window in a new frame.

    If this can’t be easily sorted out, how do I get a refund, the subscription page said I could cancel within 30 days.

    Bernie Raffe
    Blog url:



    Can you please try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then test the VideoPress plugin again?

    Should you decide to cancel and get a refund, please send us a Private request.



    Thanks very much for the very quick reply.

    I’ve cleared the browser cache and cookies, and now I get the WordPress login screen, so some progress.

    But when I try to log-in, I don’t get any response, it just hangs. If I close the VideoPress window and try again, i’m back to the white screen until I clear the cache again. Then the process repeats itself.



    Can you try the following:

    – Clear your cache and cookies one more time.
    – Open a first browser window and go to and log into your account from our homepage.
    – Open a second window in the same browser, log into your site dashboard and try using the VideoPress plugin again.



    I’ve tried everything you’ve said exactly.

    But it’s still not working, whenever the login screen does decide to come up and I attempt to login, the login screen just remains and nothing else happens.



    I’ve tracked down the issue on our end that was causing this and resolved it.

    You should now be able to use the VideoPress plugin successfully on your self hosted site.



    Wow, that’s great, thanks very much for your terrific support.

    I’ve just uploaded my first video!

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