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Self-listing on blog directories

  1. To me, it seems many of these sites scramble around for sponsorship or survival/both over time. And discussion wanders all's ok. But too unfocused. And one seems to get the sort of attention from others...who don't add value for discussion on the subject areas covered by my blogs.

    I don't mind being here, on off-topics at forums. Just more straightforward and doesn't require great focus on my part. Then I can drift off to something else on the 'Net.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know what you just said.

  3. LOL. Me either, but it sounds interesting nevertheless. :)

  4. @maidiebike
    re: Self-listing on blog directories
    My advice is to be very careful about which list free of charge blog directories one joins. There are new "list free of charge" directories being created every day as all list free of charge" blog directories derive an income from advertising.

    It's important to comprehend from the outset that blog directories do not drive massive traffic to blogs at all. The blogs that get traffic form directories are those positioned at the top of the first pages in the subject/niche/topical section of that directory. In many directories those positions are bought and paid for.

    The best one can get from a "list free of charge" blog directory is a trickle of traffic and a backlink. So if your aim is to get lots of traffic from any directory you do not pay to have blog listed in, then do note that if the directory in question does not have a much higher pagerank than your blog has, and if your blog will not be positioned on the top of the first page of search results in the subject/niche/topical section of that directory then joining the directory makes little sense at all. As this is the way a directory is structured you will hear lost of blah, blah, blah about making connections and networking. Don't let that cloud your vision of reality - backlinks are the currency of the blogosphere Is the backlink worth it or not?

    1. What is the pagerank on the directory you are considering joining? The pagerank these sites have is based on the pageranks of the blogs registered there. Will joining it result in building the directory's pagerank whilst diminishing your own blog's pagerank?

    2. What is the traffic flow (quantcast and alexa) to that directory?

    3. What do you think of the kind of advertising you see on that directory site? Do you want that advertising associated with your blog or not?

    4. What is the quality of the content in blogs that you see in the top positions registered in the subject/niche/topical section of the directory you are considering entering your blog under? What are the pageranks and traffic metrics on those blogs?

    4. Are the blogs in the subject/niche/topical section of that directory you are considering entering your blog under and listed free of charge in the top positions are those top spots paid for "sponsored" positions?

    Why does positioning make a difference?
    (a) The blogs in the top positions on any search results page are the ones that get the traffic.
    (b) The lower on the page your blog is and the number of pages it is back from the front page are indicators of whether or not your blog will benefit from being registered or if the directory gets the benefit.

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    Promoting your Blog in Bloggers Forums
    Selecting a Bloggers Forum

  5. Here's one more link: Do Blog Directories Help SEO?

  6. Thanks so much for the answer (and more reading :) !), timethief. Useful stuff.

  7. @maidiebike
    You're welcome. :) Read what Tim says in the post at the last link I posted first. :) I have hesitated to post into these forums ever since a member flipped out when I tried to express how important it is to comprehend what backlinks are the fact that reciprocal links lack value. Most "list for free" Blog directories insist we backlink to them. As links are the currency of the blogosphere it makes sense to think of links as though they are money and make your link investments wisely.

    P.S. I'm still catching up on contracted work but I'm making headway -- woo hoo! I wanna blog.

  8. What was the question?

  9. Very useful and informative thread. Thanks TimeThief for the links and discussion.

  10. I thought the question was: [Is] Self-listing on blog directories [worth it?]

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