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Self promoting are everywhere, what make you special??

  1. If you browse this showcase wordpress forum, there are tonne of self promoting users that try to promote their blog to other. Yes, everyone like people support, everyone like their content to be view, and like their hard work to be appreciate.

    And, what make you so special that other people must view your site? There are just too much people that hope they could success in few weeks, or may be few months. No, that is impossible! Those who success in short time, they created something special, or may be the right word - Awesome! If you able to make to that level, then may be your blog site will become famous.

    Accept the truth, we are normal human being. To success, persistent make the different! I had blog for > 7 years, I do have this kind of mindset before, wait... now, I get out from this mindset. I had multiple blog, some just aim for making money from SEO, some is creating a contents that "work" and "applicable to everyone" forever... Do I really happy and enjoy doing all this? No, just because of money. I looking for extra income, that my mindset at that moment.

    Yes, SEO may bring you income, but you need good contents, and good contents need hard work. I doing research for some topic and created the so call good contents, it work, and my website still alive today, and it still generate income for me with paid domain. Anyway, hard work, there is no shortcut.

    Hope this will be useful information for someone. Remember, persistent make the different, if you are, you will success!

    Your feedback / comments is welcome. Please do reply with diligent. :)

  2. As a writer of fiction I DO NOT write to make money. Indeed, in my chosen genre there is very little to be made. And as you point out, we are only human and most of us are justifiably proud of our blogs. Consequently we do like others to view and comment on our endeavours. And we do like a little praise now and again for what to most of us is bloody hard work.
    And it's that hard work which IMO makes every individual regard his/her blog as special. And they've every right to see it as such.

  3. jessielansdel,
    Quite agree with you that every individual view their own blog / hardwork as special and would like praise and acknowledgement from other. The problem is when you done so little, and you hope big, and dream big, it might be not realistic.

    What I want to transmit the message is don't to eager to success, stay calm, and if you persist to do it, put effort on it, one day you might success. Not to hard promote the 1-2 posts blog, and hope everyone subscribe or keep come back to your blog. Content is king, if you got good content, sure they will be someone appreciate you. My point of view.

  4. My grasp of English.

  5. Raincoaster, if I could "like" your comment I totally would.

  6. When I started blogging 4+ years ago I started out with the mindset to become recognized vs today now that I have had time to learn the ends an outs of blogging as well finally now that I've settled into a niche I am passionate about I could care less about becoming recognized instead I am more focused on my passion for the subject I write about,

    Community takes time to form around a blog and the content has to be engaging to capture the readers eyes but the content is only a small fraction because to be able to form a successful community centered around your blog you first have to start with making social connections with other bloggers this in return helps them if they chose to read your content to pick up on your personalty within your writing style,

    IMO Blogging for money just kills the passion for blogging surrounding the niche you choose to write about in the long run...

  7. I've blogged on and off since 2004 which is a long time and have always regarded any of my blogs as being an extension of myself and my home - somewhere people could get to know my artwork and my writing and, up to a point, myself. As such, I don't really care about blogging for 'success' in monetary terms but about blogging for my own and my readers enjoyment. When that enjoyment (for me or my readers though it's best when it's both) goes, then so do my blogs.

    I hate the 'what makes you so special' question, regardless of what it's referring to - because ultimately we are all special: we were brought into the world to be and that's what we are: people, individuals, be-ing. Our blogs can only represent that really.

    How to make a blog 'special' and stand out? Just be yourself.

  8. @sl1k,
    Yes, money do kill passion, I totally agree with it. Thus, if you do something just to look for money and without passion, most probably you will not success. There are outlier, off course. I'm not agree with you about good content not the key point. As an example,, where it started by a high-school boy, with his good contents, today, it one of the famous tech review site that most geek love to read. For your example about community base blog, yes, it work! As long as you find the key that fit into the lock, it will unlock the path.

    You are on the right mindset on blogging. You create posts that you like to share, and you just don't mind whether you are creating something that people like or not, but you enjoy it. In the real world, you are like an artist, you draw, and you put your drawing in the gallery, you don't care whether people buy it, because you draw for your like. In reality, you need money to survive, to support your living, except you born in rich family.
    Today, everyone become more individualistic, and humble is something rare. To be famous (I know you not looking for this), you still need to be special. Look at Lady Gaga, why you make so funny fashion? Sometime I did feel the world heading to crazy path, but this is fact and we riding on the turbulence/wave. We only can make sure our boat not overturn, but not other's boat.

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  10. I think it's a mistake to think one can make a lot of money by simply blogging. Better to think of blogging as one of the tools you are developing as part of a marketing strategy to support a business.

    The option is to somehow make a blog so that people can only see it's contents by subscribing to it. That would mean a private blog.

  11. @maidiebike
    Blogging = Money is very common. I got few friends where their full time job is blogging. Trust me, they making good income to pay for their house/car loan. We can't ban people for linking blogging and money, but this is fact. SEO is a big topic that you can even find a book on it.

  12. Yes, we can. We do that every day here.

  13. Blogging = Money is very common.

    Cince 2004, the Technorati State of the Blogsphere Survey has followed growth and trends in the blogosphere. This year's topics include: blogging and social media, bloggers and traditional media, traffic and analysis, brands and marketing in the blogosphere, bloggers' motivations and consequences, monetization, and changes within the blogosphere over 2011.

    The backbone of the blogosphere, and representing 60% of the respondents to this survey, Hobbyists say that they “blog for fun” and do not report any income. Half of hobbyists prefer to express their “personal musings” when blogging. 60% indicate they spend less than three hours a week blogging, yet half of hobbyists respond individually to comments from readers. Because 72% blog to speak their minds, their main success metric is personal satisfaction (61%).
    Read more:

  14. "Cince" was meant to be "since" - sorry :(

  15. So what do your friends do to earn money by writing blog posts? Sell ads to other blogs?
    Do they operate these businesses outside of North America?

    Or do they actually use a blog platform a different type of business ..selling other stuff?

    Chorwin, I'm genuinely not interested in making money because I have a full-time already which is not blogging at all.

    I'm simply sound overly enthused about making money. Maybe your message might be better among a group of purely business folks.

  16. @timethief,


    Yeah, this is the word!

    They make money from adsense and other ads services, where they could get around extra USD200 - 1000, base on click through rate and popularity on that month. Yes, they operate outside of US. By the way, most of time they register .com domain and use hosting in state. Blog content that they are writing like gadget review, gadget info sharing, latest and greatest of technology, or generic info like health and etc.
    May be you get me wrong, I am not to promote monetization of blogging. Anyway, today the blogger still hold strong on users because they allow adsense and other ads service. I believe most of users are not prioritze on monetization, as it not able to do that, except you are very famous blogger.

  17. Yes, on, monetization is not supposed to be the platform. It would be

    Honest, I don't spend much time on any person's blog if they throw in ads. Very distracting and slows down my computer.

    As you can see, alot of forum members here, don't like their personal blogs with other people's ads.

  18. An absolutley fascinating discussion! It's great to be in an environment where such meaty thoughts are dished out...

    For me, writing is what someone is 'called to do' - I don't necessarily mean in a religious sense (although if you have a faith then it no doubt helps to realte your calling in terms of your god). I'm a creative person and, as such, I literally start to have problems in my life if I'm not reflecting it through some kind of art. Youtube, wordpress, Flickr etc are brilliant platforms for that creativity to be placed. So, this is why I have to write - not for money or success, but because it is the way that I am framed.

    Having said that, I believe that art is a two way process. I create not just for myself but for society. If it's just me in a room talking to mysefl then how am I contributing to the world ? If I were called to be a teacher but had no children to teach, then this would be a shocking waste of talent. I may have to write becuase it's who I am, but I also want who I am to be usefulo to others... With this in mind, I do see the success of my blog as reflecting the success of me as a creative person.

    The money issue will all boil down to personal circumstances. If you can survive without it, then you're truly blessed. I'm blogging to develop my writing skills and have something to show people when I attempt to take things further - script writing, copy writing, whatever I can grab. I need money to eat like everyone else, at the moment, my personal circumstances dictate that I've got enough to feed my kids - so I'm not worried.

    The above set out a kind of 'heirarchy of needs' for the creative. At the top is the need to create, over and above all else. Then comes the need for recognition - allowing for a raise in self esteem with the knowledge thet I am 'doing my bit'. Money, quite frankly, is at the bottom for me. And this is why writer's will nhever be paid well - we're suckers! lol

    Sorry, I got rambling but wanted to add to the excellent discussion here. What do you all think ?

  19. I agree that writing is something you HAVE to do no matter what. It's in your blood, it's your soul, your calling and your Raison d'être.
    I blog because I want to share my stories and also to get feedback which boosts my confidence (something which I am sadly lacking) and to improve my writing.
    Since I started blogging last September I have read and commented on some wonderful blogs and in turn they have visited mine and each and every response has been an absolute boon for me. Because, like many writers I have moments of crippling self doubt regarding my ability to write, but then someone leaves a wonderful comment and it makes my day.
    I have absolutely no illusions that I will ever make lots of money with my writing, especially in my genre of choice. But I won't ever be tempted to write in any other because I love doing it. So I'll stick to writing in a freezing garret with my bread and water and with only my cat for company. Lol.

  20. So chorwin, do you have an inate need to just write or ...take photos just for enjoyment?

  21. When I was a kid, my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said 'a writer' and my mum told me that I would die poor. It put me off for a decade or so... lol...

    But there is some truth in it, sadly. Because we have to do it, we haven't got a lot of bargaining power... hehehehehe! Also, the arts are more ethereal than, say, plumbing - I've had people demand copies of my work as a matter of course, whereas I'm sure they'd never demand that a plumber would come and fix their loo for free! Many people don't ascribe value to creative work in the same way... People wouldn;t dream of stealing a car but a bit of copy or music seems to be a different matter in people's eyes. I think this goes some way to explaining why writer's end up with no cash.

  22. *writers* - the grammar fairy has given me a slap.

  23. @greyroompictures,
    You make a good example, you feedback really help to answer some of the doubt I had in my mind. I like the explanation of teacher, children and room.. it just COOL! I do totally agree with your point of view.

    @jessielansdel, team had work hard to add more features to this blogging platform. The user comment and notification are something I really appreciated and it make reading other blog's comment convenient. I do understand the feeling of acknowledge from other, so do I to other people blog. Thus, I will visit people blog and only leave comment if they created something I interested. Anyway, nice to meet you here. :)

    I like photography, I enjoy it as a hobby. Sometime, I do want to turn my passion on it to something more value in my life. I not looking for making big buck from it, but I do hope people respect art/creativity come with cost, not free. Anyway, some people they just take it for granted where they request us to take photos for event, for FREE! If we request for paid, they will look at me with different facial respond. I think it fair that some blogger try to make money from their content, as long as they created the content and not shadow/copy from other. Last, I do took photos for enjoyment, and most important - memory!

    May be we should start to put this into my blog -
    I know will generate ads on our post, if the user not login. Since the ads not from us, so, it should be fine we put the ad free logo there. :)

  24. @greyroompictures,
    You did give me another good impressive example again... car vs music!
    I do agree with you, but not all. Some writers are RICH... just like JK Rowling..
    May be... I can give you some fantasy idea or point of view, to trigger you for good story content.. LOL!

  25. I love writing, regardless of the genre or the form. However, the style I like the most is, I guess, the humorous essay/article format.

    My blog has become my portfolio. I don't care to make money off of my blog because I mainly use it for "passion projects" that, considering my relative infancy as a writer of jokes for computers, would be hard to pitch elsewhere. I use this blog to write about all the things that don't have to fit another site's theme or subject matter. I make money writing by the guidelines of other sites, on their sites. Here, I can just do whatever I please.

  26. What makes me special? Well I write to express myself, along with everyone else on here. All of us struggle to make our own unique character feeling to our blogs. Even if most of us have the same objectives and feelings we are all still different and special in our own way. "You are everybody you have ever met and seen in your lifetime," so everyone has a new different perspective. I hope that made sense, sorry if it didn't. I blame it on it being late and me drinking coffee.

  27. ...oh... I forgot.

    I can also cry tears of molten cake, which makes me special I guess...

    ...not really.

  28. dang...motlen cake? now thats talent!

  29. invisiblemikey

    Me like speak like Tarzan in person, but not when write on blog. That why me special.

  30. I may shriek like Jane in the jungle in my own forest but I don't shriek in my blogs and that makes me special. ;)

    lol :D invisiblemikey

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