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  1. Hi

    I am helping a friend set up his blog to publish videos of his artwork. Through searching the forums I've worked out he is allowed to sell his art from here using Paypal but is he allowed to link to his work on Etsy?

    Are there any artists out there who can make some suggestions on how best to sell from WordPress? I can work out what to do to set the blog up better but I just need to be pointed in the right direction at this point.

    Thanks for any advice

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Generally they (WordPress) seem to say 'yes', but it may pay to contact support directly and make sure.

    You could also check out Red Bubble as well as Etsy, depending on the nature of the art.

  3. Thanks great site I will recommend it to him and contact support for some clarification.

    He does exquisite collage art on canvas and wood and he makes videos of them for his blog here at wordpress which is how he wants to present them at this stage as its a little easier than uploading various photos. So Im just looking for ideas on how best to help set up his blog to be able to do it here

    I will look for some art blogs here on too

    Thanks again

  4. The easiest way would seem to be to set up a free You Tube account and then just link to them from his blog. Then he gets a double hit from the promotion on You Tube as well as his blog and avoids having to pay for the video upgrade here on

  5. Ahh yes thanks he embeds his videos from his youtube account so he doesnt have to pay for the upgrade, I think he just wants to widen his options on a blog and recommended as the best lol


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