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Selling e-book on blog

  1. Is selling an e-book via the blog doable, or can I mention 'this book avail via paypal'?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can only sell books your authored yourself.

  3. Staff have in the past said if it is a printed book they have no problems (as long as you are the author as Timethief says) but ebooks are now outselling books made of dead trees so I would run this past them. Things have changed drastically in the past couple years and ebooks are quickly replacing regular printed books.

  4. Yes, it is my own work, and I prefer the E route to the dead tree anyday.

    I'll follow up with staff.

    Thanks, folks.


  5. modlook [×]
    spammer marrywxy [×]

    Spam Removed


  6. The 'contact support' isn't happening for some reason. I can't find the first message, and the second one is closed and refers me back to here.

    Am I doing something backwards?


  7. The link works fine here. Are you connected to the spam issue?

  8. Sorry. Didn't see the [resolved] mark....

  9. I missed the spam thing. Never saw it, whatever it was. My question was resolved since I moved it to Support, but somehow it got lost over there. So, I'm back here.

  10. @guerro
    You are not talking about this other thread you started, are you?

    The contact support staff link does seem to be out of commission. I'll modlook this thread and we will hope that you will be able to clarify this issue with staff.
    We volunteers can not resolve the issue of whether your ebooks are possible or not for you.

    (the spam was a random forum spammer which sl1k removed, not connected with your question)

  11. @guerro
    You might try this to reach support:

    (didn't work for me, but I didn't go so far as to restart my laptop)

  12. Oh, sorry, yes. It did work!
    I tried it in Firefox rather than Safari.
    Works fine.

    (I'm in the middle of something and don't want to close Safari, but I'm betting that would actually work.)

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