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    Id like to sell my own product from my blog which is hosted as a blog.

    The product is a tangible physical product and not a digital product – ie, it is not a ebook or digital media, it will be physically shipped.

    The product is mine and shipped by me, it is not a reseller, or affiliate link to another site.

    I’d be using something like Google Checkout or Paypal or something like that to make the sale possible from the blog.

    Please advise, as I am looking at a lot of threads, none of which cover this answer in detail, and point out that spam blogs or affiliate blogs are not allowed, and my blog is none or neither of these.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    We can use only the donate button on paypal:

    People often link to an Etsy shop:

    As for being compliant with TOS, we volunteers cannot give you a final answer. You should ask staff before proceeding too far:


    OK, so can I have a page on the blog that points to a self hosted one page website with proper buy buttons on rather than donate buttons?

    IE – a link on the blog that says BUY MY PRODUCT, and that page says go here … where they can buy my product?


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    Yes, that is possible.

    But as I said, you should be sure staff sees your site, that you are actually blogging and not simply using the site to point to a commercial endeavor. We volunteers don’t have authority to determine whether or not a blog is violating TOS.


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    (it sounds ok to me, but it would not be good for you to put a lot of work into making your site only to have it suspended…)


    I appreciate the response. I emailed support via the contact form 5 days ago and never heard back. Im not sure on their turnaround time tbh, and precisely what should I be asking them?


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    Did you ask them if your potential blog will comply with their terms of service? I would have added some details about the product that you are making and what sort of things you want to blog about.

    That’s what I asked about for my work blog for a local not-for-profit agency. Perhaps I’m just over-cautious? If you already emailed them with the question, my advice is to just wait a bit longer. Emailing support repeatedly just moves your ticket further down the list. I’ll modlook this thread in case someone from staff looks in here and can help you.

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