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Selling photos?

  1. Well...I may not of had my site up for long but I have solg 1 photo "Woohoo!"

    I was wondering, thee are many here who go around and look at these types of things. Im wondering, What does everyone think of how I have my layouts/how I have everything set up?

    Honest comments are more than welcome (:

    -Iris Photography

  2. Nice pictures by the way. If I wasn't so cheap I'd buy a photo particularly this one

    I like the layout, seems to display the pictures well. Some picture sites have all these ridiculous clusterfuck of pictures that are jumbled together on one post.

  3. Lovely photos you have.
    Your site is set up just right - not fussy or too busy. It encourages a person to stay a while and browse.
    Well done.

  4. Thank you all for the comments

    The photo you are looking at aw1923 is not one of mine. I belive that is Patual
    s. You would have to go on DA.

    ALL my photos are done a different method. A picture + Frame+Shipping and handling would go maybe about 30$ At abslioute most. and this is for an 8X10

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