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    I’m new to and trying to setup a simple static page site with one or two subpages carrying some basic information. I have already sketched what I’d like the homepage to look like (using apple Pages), which is basically a header, three text columns, and a background jpeg, that’s it.

    Trouble is, I have yet to find a theme that can be pared down to something that simple. Note: I don’t want a blog, nor do I wish to have any user/visitor generated content at this point. Just plain and simple.

    Also note, I have chosen (as opposed to and am aware of the dfference.

    please excuse me if this has been already covered elsewhere, I have searched to no avail.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi brinded,

    Welcome to! If you haven’t already, take a look at our three-column themes to see if one might work for you.

    If you don’t mind sharing one of the sketches here, that would further help us make a recommendation.



    Hi michiecat,

    Thank you for responding.

    I’ve shared the sketch as requested. In this case it’s placed as a background image, although it may make more sense to use it as a foreground image if only I could superimpose text (in three columns as described) upon it.



    I’ve just found a post in this forum by panaghiotisadam which says ‘static page’ in DePo Masthead only has one column.

    So, I suppose my question becomes how do I go about either modifying the static page to add more columns, or how do I go about finding a theme which already has static page with three columns.



    Another post by jenia suggests

    You can either continue using this template and add front-page-only widgets below in one or two columns (add widgets via Appearance > Widgets), or you can use a different (e.g. Default) template, by editing your page and selecting a different template from the dropdown.

    However, I’ve looked at all the widgets available, and don’t see anything about adding a column. Unless I’m missing something?



    you cannot add functionality to a theme, so your best bet is to get a theme with as many columns as you need and use custom design to edit it.



    raincoaster, thanks for your response.

    Is splitting text into columns considered ‘adding functionality’?

    The theme I’ve chosen, and many others I’ve tried, advertise three columns, only it seems they don’t deliver when it comes to static pages.

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