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    i want to be able to send email from the email address (email redacted) can i set that up?

    The blog I need help with is



    You have several options – take your pick – some cost – some no charge



    hi, thanks for the suggestion…i had done that (i have a network solutions subscription, so used that option) and it said my email would be ready in a few hours…but nowhere in the process was i able to instruct what email address i wanted to create (i.e. (email redacted)) or where on the site i could actually generate an email…do you know anything about what i need to do POST the ‘add email’ steps?



    Adding a specific email address (you@ ) is done at the email host not at WordPress.COM


    so if i need to go to network solutions to set up email for the domain, why do i need to do the ‘add email’ steps at wordpress? what purpose does that serve?


    will having done the email set up at wordpress cause the domain to show up under my domains at network solutions? sorry to be so dense..



    The instructions in the link I gave above are to get the email delivered to the right post office so to speak – Network Solutions in your case

    then you go to the post office (your email host – Network Solutions) and decide which box numbers to use

    both are required to get email to work


    sorry to belabor this, feel free to ignore, but my goal is to send email from the address (email redacted)…(im not concerned about receiving mail in to that address)
    do your instructions get me closer to that goal?


    they email address redactd is



    If you want to send email from you @ you will need to follow all of the instructions above – some registrars let you receive a email at a custom domain name (the email is then forwarded to your regular email) but not send email


    ok, thanks



    You be welcome & good luck

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