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  1. Hi. support has a page stating that there is a "Send Trackback Module" in the editor, but I don't see one?

    I have a feeling it no longer exists.

    Basically, there is a TypePad blog article I referenced and the blogger has a trackback URL, so where do I post that? Or do I just link to his blog somewhere in my text and it will automatically happen?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. On your edit posts page (or edit page), look in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on "Screen Options." You should then be sure "send trackbacks" is checked.

    If the module is closed, hover over the right hand side and click the arrow that appears.

  3. Thank you so much!!! It was the ONLY thing unchecked - gees! And I'm so bummed since I published my post with the trackback as the hyperlink, which does nothing! So all my email subscribers got a dud link...

    Much appreciated!!!

  4. In future, all will be well.
    (or so says my crystal ball…)

  5. :)

  6. 1tess, I've got a clarification question: I included a link within my post to the Blog X post, added the Blog X post trackback link within my module, which now says "Already Pinged"; however, Blog X post does not acknowledge my post as a reference; does it take a while? Did I do it right?

    Thank you again...

  7. Not every blog will show trackbacks. It's up to the individual blogger, and some hate them because they get mostly spam.

  8. Thanks, Raincoaster. The particular blog I am speaking of actually posts the trackback URL and has a trackback link to display blogs that tracked back to it, which I apparently did not correctly do.


  9. Trackbacks, if they are actually talking about true "trackbacks" are an old legacy technology which has for the most part been completely eclipsed by pingbacks. Same thing but different. Some places actually say "trackbacks" when they mean pingbacks, and wordpress automatically sends out pingbacks whenever you reference a post on another blog. Sometimes something happens and the pingback either isn't received, or is refused, or perhaps a glitch here doesn't send it out, but that is a very rare thing.

    Did you just reference the blog itself (main page) or did you reference an actual post on that blog? If the blog itself ( then there might not be anywhere for the trackback/pingback to be displayed. Typically trackbacks and pingbacks only appear on actual posts.

  10. Thanks for the reply! I believe I did everything correctly: I pasted the blog's given trackback URL into my trackback module, WP states the ping was sent, and I linked to the actual blog post.

    Oh well, as you suggest, it just might be a glitch....

    Thanks again!

  11. The other thing is, some sites moderate their comments (which include trackbacks/pingbacks and don't publish them). I seldom publish them on my blog.

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