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  1. I am trying to send multiple trackbacks and separate the URLs with spaces but every time I update the post the spaces disappear.
    I added a screen capture of my dashboard here:

    Is this normal and will the trackbacks be sent all the same?
    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I know, you have to put /trackback/ at the end of each URL.

    and there's an old thread here that has info that's probably still valid, particularly the last comment:

  3. Hi absurdoldbird
    Thanks, that is good to know, I will do that, it is probably necessary for the trackback to be sent. And thanks for the reference to the other discussion.
    But unfortunately if I add two, it is still attaching the two URLs once I update, even if I left a space, and they do not show up in the list "Already pinged". Any idea abot that issue?

  4. I'll flag this for staff to look at, maybe they can help. It may be a while, but someone should be along in a bit.

  5. PS
    Here you can see what happens:
    Notice I did leave space to separate the two URLs


  6. PS
    Here you can see what happens:
    Notice I did leave space to separate the two URLs


  7. Is it removing the forward slash at the end of each as well as removing the space?

    By the way, you don't need to put any blogs in there, they are pinged automatically. But if the blog you're pinging (with or without a trackback) has them disenabled, then they won't show in their blog comments. Also a lot of bloggers delete trackbacks.

  8. The wordpress ones went on the list automatically, I only linked the blogs.
    Yes, it removes both slash and space. I've tried all combinations.

    I understand it may be a lot of work and end up wasted, but there may be that one good trackback that will bring back traffic.


  9. I'm not sure I can help more than this, really, so it's probably best to wait for staff to respond after the weekend (or before if any are working). Most of the people who respond to questions on these forums are, like myself, volunteers, so unless there's someone actually online at the time who knows the exact problem, generally you've just got to wait.

    Other than that, two things:
    You could try doing a search on Google, just in case someone has reported a similar problem and found a solution to it. This gives faster results than searching on the forums themselves. Put this into Google search (with the spaces, colons and double quotes where I've put them):- "put your keyword or phrase here"

    and put anything you can think of that relates to the problem, into the double quotes. if you need to add more, leave a space and then add it in another pair of double quotes. That should bring up relevant posts in the forum. Alternatively, use to search the whole site, and/or put "" to search only for results applicable to blogs here.

    The other thing I wanted to say is this: if your main reason for wanting to use trackbacks is to bring in traffic to your blog, then there are better ways to do it as not everyone will click a trackback anyway (some people think it's spam or blogs self-advertising themselves). I have an archive of posts I did on a previous blog that are designed for people who want to attract more readers, that you might find useful:

  10. Wow!!
    That is an awesome resource, thank you so much.
    I know many of you are lending a helping hand voluntarily, was not expecting more than what you already did. Just added details for when the support staff might look at it.

  11. This is rather odd. Just to verify, though it seems obvious from the screenshot but I want to be sure, are you able to successfully send trackbacks individually?

  12. Hi macmanx

    Well it depends. If you look at the screen capture it looks like the trackback was sent the first time around when I only used one URL. In that case I did not append the /trackback so this is the experiment I tried:
    I sent it this way:
    from this post:
    And I sent it this way:
    from this post:
    SInce I know the folks who rite the agilegeoscience blog I asked them if they got anything. (As far as they know) they did not received either.

    So I think I will just drop it. The gains are too marginal as absurdoldbird pointed out, and the trouble too much.
    Thank to both for reading along.

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