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Sending Invites

  1. I am having trouble inviting people. I have read the how to but when I go to send the invite a prompt keeps coming up: "complete form" all fields were filled out. what am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not sure what's happening with your invites but you can read more information about inviting users to your blog here:

  3. Thanks:) Im not sure either...

  4. May I bump this topic up? I am having the same problem. Yesterday I sent an invite to a friend and that went through fine. Today, I'm trying to invite another friend and it keeps bouncing back to "complete the form". The friend I'm having trouble with is in Germany and using a .de domain for his email. Could his email address be the problem?

    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. @jenfries
    I believe you may need to contact Staff

  6. Thanks. :)

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