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    I want to automatically send out my blog without emailing the link. I’m looking for a way to input my emails of my clients so that they see my new post automatically.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you saying you want people to have updates of your posts automatically? They would have to follow your blog via the ‘follow’ button on your blog, or they could use the RSS feature but that doesn’t send out emails.


    When I publish a new post people who signed up by email are not getting it. Why? What setting am I missing? I’ve been at this a while and it’s very frustrating.



    I believe they need to hit the follow button on the upper left bar from any post that you publish.


    Thank you for responding. They are on my list of email followers and they are not getting any posts from me at all. I have checked my settings, all public etc. Very confusing.

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