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Sense and Nonsense

  1. Dropped in to say hi and to invite everyone to take a look at my blog - 'Sense and Nonsense' which, as name spells - is the sum total of all the sensible and nonsensical things in my life.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. link please.

  3. Sorry , I missed out the most important part. The link is

  4. hi, we have the same background for our blog :)
    like your blog. fresh and interesting.
    one thing though - your blog page subtitle isnt visible properly with the photos in the background
    cheers :)

  5. Hey, thank you for visiting the blog. I know, the subtitle isnt really visible, but currently, Mystique offers only limited colours and the only colour that made the subtitle visible was pink, which umm... I'm trying to avoid the use of :)

    BTW, I have subscribed to your blog. I read your posts and liked them very much. Incidentally, I too am a Douglas Adams fan.

  6. please consider extending your about page.

  7. Will do. Thanks noirciplume.

    BTW, I love your photographs and you too seem to be a Douglas Adams fan.(I read the caption of your next post - I think that's very cool - you already have topic in mind ). I am in fact reading the Hitchhikers' Trilogy for Nth time right now and it seems as funny and as amusing as it was when I read it for the first time :)

    I also liked your post on the fountain pens very much. Though Cross Affinity will not be available in India, the post made for a very interesting read. :)

    I hope you wouldnt mind my comments about your page.
    You've got some cool things going on your page -
    - Topic of upcoming post
    -News and updates (is there a widget for this?)
    -Various pages (what is the theme of 'Pen and Paper' section?)
    -The fact that you own Kindle :)

  8. Thank you for your comment.

    I am indeed a Douglas Adams fan. The next post is actually about hiatus/vacation post. I thought the title fitted rather well. But I will be reviewing the books in the future. Have you read the latest book? Is it any good? I've been waiting to purchase the paperback version of it.

    The upcoming post and news sidebar is just a text widget.

    It's been in my mind for a while to drop the Pen to Paper section. It was for reviews on notebooks and fountain pens. I just haven't had the motivation to fill that section yet.

    I love my Kindle :)

  9. Isnt it 'Last Chance to See'?. I havent read it. In fact I dont think it was available in paperback in Mumbai (where I live). I'm not aware of any other latest book after that.

  10. I meant in the Hitchhiker's Guide series. I believe it's called And Another Thing. It was out a while ago.

  11. Hey, no.. I havent read that one either...

  12. plasticdaffodils

    I agree that the text in your header is a little hard to read. Maybe play around with some different colors?

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