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  1. That sounds like a senior job..

    I'm doing a terrible job of search engine optimization.

    I've seen resources on here, but I need something that gets into the nuts and bolts as I get maybe 2-3 search engine hits a day, typically from people that clearly have no intention of looking for a humor post judging by the search.

    Does anyone know of a good external source explaining how it all works?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to timethief's site, and check it out, plus she links to others as well.

    Maybe you should give everything a "humor" tag? I don't know.

    I think the only thing I'm really doing right is using a lot of headings and sub-headings. I'm getting quite a few search engine hits on the things in my headings and sub-headings. You might try that. But I'm a novice.

  3. That's a huge help. Thank again timethief, I'll be sure to check these out tonight.

    @jonleason I actually do tag everything with humor, and I tend to put headings in there. I think there is a real art to it, so timethief's list should help a good deal.

  4. @theuglymoose
    IMHO your posts are appropriately tagged with the minimum number that accurately reflect your post content. I just want to add this if I may > Revisiting Keywords and Tags The reason I'm drawing attention to it is because many bloggers, particularly bloggers are not up-to-date with the Google search algorithm changes. They are still using meta keyword tags, despite the fact Google does not use them and despite the fact Matt Cutts of Google has made it clear that Tags/Categories are not required for SEO purposes. They are still keyword stuffing, etc. You are already on the right track with your blog. Keywords naturally occur in any language when spoken and written, so please don't end up obsessing on SEO and making bad choices.

  5. Good to know. When I see posts about how to create more traffic, SEO is normally near the top of the list.

    That concerns me when I get zero search visits, like today. It makes me think I'm doing something wrong. However, if you think I'm using appropriate tags I'll not worry too much about it.

  6. It takes time to build a following and bot evry person who chooses to become a follower will be a frequent commenter. When it comes to generating traffic what works best of all is commenting on blogs with similar content.

  7. ***headesk***
    bot evry was meant to be "not every"

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