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  1. I recently changed URL of my wordpress site and it's not coming up on Google now.

    I have a Contact page and I would like the site to come up when I search say Kinesiology and Liverpool.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can anyone give me any tips for my website, thanks.

  3. You changed the URL. As far as Google is concerned, it's a brand new website, and it will take around 4 months to regain its previous status.

  4. @RC

    Would site redirect help? If the old address is gone not sure if it could be redirected - the instructions imply it would work

  5. PS - blog more - new Posts bring search engines to your site

  6. I don't know. You'd think if it did, it would be offered as part of the name change procedure.

  7. Good point

  8. I see well I was before but I can't change it back for now because I own that under my list of blogs.

  9. Anyway to get it back to how it was?

  10. is alive and well - just export from your new blog and import into your old blog - then after you make sure things were moved OK delete the content from the new site that you just left and put a note that you are back where you started

  11. Yep, your you can send your new site details to Google and it will take them three weeks to list it.

  12. Do I have to delete the content from the new blog so that google doesn't think I'm plagiarising or something?

  13. Thanks all I have imported all all my posts to the original [email redacted]

  14. Is it possible to have a static page as the front page and then have a link to blog page?

  15. Set the extra blog to Private, so you have somewhere to test themes and widgets. It's always useful.

    You can set a static page as the opening page by creating the page, then going to Settings->General (or it might be Reading) and choosing the static page from the drop down menu.

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