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    I want to create some blogs using wordpress
    but my content/topics will be entirely different each other

    For example the topics will be about programmes coding, foods, stories or films

    Because the topics will have different audience I have to seperate the content as subdomains or domains

    Having seperated main domains is the best way to do that but is expensive.

    If I choose to have subdomain for each topic in a main domain name I will have low cost but may will harm the SEO Rank of the main domain

    If I put all topics in the same domain by using categories I will have integrated SEO Rank but users will be confused and site will become to bloated (eventually harm the SEO Rank)

    I search in google about using subdomain or not. A lot of specialist – professionals in SEO argued with this issue in general terms

    What is your suggestion/opinion about this in my case ?




    Separate subdomains per topic are not possible at, unless you have separate blogs for each topic, each with a paid plan, and each with a mapped domain.

    We have some general recommendations at



    If you want to focus on SEO, its suggestion to choose on one categories, or from those categories, which ones its your passion. This is important so that you can optimise the topics.

    But if you want to create blog with subdomain, such as :,, or, its recommended to choose self hosted for the best result.


    wpresspro –

    Please review the community standards:

    We do not support self hosted sites in this forum. Please direct folks to the proper location at

    If you would like to provide help for such sites, then that is the location to do such.

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