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SEO by Yoast

  1. I'd like to add the plug-in WordPress SEO by Yoast - it's loaded on another site I work on (but I wasn't the administrator or builder) - would like to add it to this new site I'm building. Is there a way to access it on my new website?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is there a way to access it on my new website?

    No - but see below for the rest of the story

  3. Thanks - that was a very helpful article!

  4. It sure was. It sounded just like what the Volunteers have been saying in forum threads here for years. Example >

  5. But @TT it's on OFFICIAL Letterhead :)

    yes a good article - I have sent the link on to several friends

  6. We should all get referral fees or at least an invitation to the next BBQ feast.

  7. No kidding. It restates what I have blogged on in my blog and all the zillions of times I have said the same thing in forum threads, which is not to say other Volunteers have not been saying the same things too. But like auxclass says it's "official", and it got hundreds of like clicks.

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