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    I am using WordPress for my business website and I am finally realizing that it is very difficult to get effective SEO for the .COM site. ( I type in my site address in a search engine and get nothing in the first 3 pages). Where am I going wrong?

    I am not sure I have the time nor expertise for the .ORG. I love WordPress for the functionality and ease of use, adding, pages, media, ect as I am enjoying doing my own writing for my business blogs.

    So…Is there an effective way for me to increase my ranking / SEO though Any resources that I could delve into would be helpful. Do I need to change to a cheesy build it yourself site?

    The blog I need help with is



    Where are you going wrong? You are expecting significant pagerank for pages that have no or few incoming links.

    Let me put this in a nutshell, as someone who has both .org and .com WordPress sites. The more you blog, the higher you will rank, and .com will almost always outrank .org.

    #863060 has huge SEO. All you have to do is to put out content. It can take 3-6 months, to even a year to get reasonable page rank.

    Also, take a look at these links on increasing traffic.


    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Here are a few of my concerns:

    I type in the title (url) in a search engine and get nothing. With my title being unique, I would imagine it should show. I have followed most of the guidlines such as allowing search engines to rank, ect.

    The plugins for the .org seem to really dial in the SEO in the backend of wordpress. Can I manually make some of these changes in .com?



    You really don’t have any content for a search engine to latch onto with a new web site.

    As noted above – write some Posts that maybe explain your services, maybe highlight some of your recent projects, special problems you faced and how you solved them. In the Posts remember to mention your location, city and services –

    “SEO” is a lot more than just getting a Plug-in (not allowed here) and telling the Plug-in to put your site at the top of the world – if it was that easy everybody would do it –



    It takes time and the repeated publication of new posts (not pages) for search engines to index your content. See here for the 10 factors that expedite indexing of your content by search engines.


    OK. I will continue to blog. I really appreciate all your input! Sounds like I need to learn more about writing with keyword usage and tags. Does anyone have good information for me to learn about these aspects?


    Any site that will help me determine good keywords and tags. I know there are databases that help you (google?).



    Keywords occur naturally in every language when spoken or written. This isn’t a matter of choosing keywords and stuffing content with them. Google’s search bots can detect keyword stuffing and they can also dtect the inappropriate use of tags when the keywords in tags are not found in content. This is matter of writing naturally and as well as you can and forgetting all about SEO gaming.
    Google’s SEO starter guide PDF >



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