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  1. I've been blogging for a little over a week, and Google is still showing old, test posts that I had created when I was first setting up the blog - they seem to be cached. How long until my site is re-crawled? Also, when will my blog start to appear in other search engines when I search for them? I'm not listed in Yahoo or yet. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google crawls blogs frequently - but it's up to them. The other search engines are slower.

    nb your blog doesn't have a title, this could affect your search engine position -

  3. It certainly WILL effect your SEO. For god's sake put in a title!

  4. Eeek I know! But, if I enter in a title, then it shows up in my do I enter it, but not have it show up??

  5. You can't. You must simply find a theme that works with your visual standards, or subjugate them to your SEO standards.

  6. You can do it with custom CSS. Visit Appearance / Edit CSS and preview this:

    #header { display: none; }

  7. There is that, but doesn't Google penalize blogs with invisible text, including headers?

  8. I don't think they're really invisible that way, in that the title appears on the page with the source code but the CSS tells the browser not to display it.

    Telly? Is that right or am I whistling Dixie?

  9. It's my understanding that Google is still sophisticated enough to take that into account. I wouldn't risk it.

  10. Here's what Google says:

    They are quite specific about "text and links that are deceptive in intent".

    There's nothing deceptive here; it's basically a text-image replacement technique, which is commonplace and harmless.

  11. Ah, thanks. I should have read the code; I thought it was one of those "make the code the same colour as the background" or "make the code appear offscreen to the right" things.

  12. It's pretty hard to say anything for sure, Google is quite vague (for obvious reasons). Reading between the lines, it seems to be the deliberately obtuse and evasive techniques that will get you in trouble, like z-indexes and invisible colours, and hiding links or large blocks of text. Using display:none as a normal visual design technique seems to be safe -- it would have to be, it's so common.

  13. Ah ok - so I'll need to upgrade to Custom CSS to make any changes? I can't change anything in my CSS without that upgrade, correct? Thanks for all the info, btw, everyone - great stuff.

  14. Check the FAQ for details on the CSS upgrade, and if you know what you want to do you can try out the free Preview and only purchase the upgrade when you're sure you can do what you want.

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