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    Hi bloggers

    I have launched a blog on a hosted solution – wordpressDOTcomand, and my problem is how to do SEO. Note that in a hosted solution, one cannot deploy plugins and no visible tags to to play with to do SEO unlike in self-hosting (using wprdpressDOTorg) where there are tags and plugins to increase SEO.

    Ho w can I maximize SEO in my blog?

    Thanks for reading.. but I look forward for a response

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a multi-user blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture and we bloggers cannot access metadata.

    That being said it’s of interest to note meta titles, meta descriptions and keyword metatags are not required for SEO purposes and Matt Cutts of Google has said that as far back as 2009. Search engines are focused on keywords in your content. What is important is keywords found in your content. SEO is very good. If you had two identical sites, one hosted here and one self-hosted using that same plugin, the site hosted here would have better SEO than the self-hosted site. has huge SEO and you get the benefit of that by having your site as a “subdomain” here.



    Thanks Ms. Time Theft. it’s amusing to hear back from you.

    I will peruse what you have pointed out. But Aww, nice reference sites including those videos.

    May you would always be sheltered with awesome times.

    God blest



    You’re welcome.

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