SEO issues: Google not indexing most popular posts

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    lingpipe, you’ll have to ask Google about that. There’s nothing wrong with your blog that would prevent them from being indexed. We have no special knowledge about how Google works or why it sometimes doesn’t produce the expected results.

    zt5432, that’s probably because your blog doesn’t exist –



    lingpipe, the same thing happened to me about a month ago. Searching for the title phrase or any phrase/sentence in my blog posts would turn up nothing, nada, zero in Google, not until page 10 or so. Things are back to normal now. Maybe it is part of the ‘personalization’ process, or maybe Google is just re-sorting and re-structuring their databases from time to time. As long as Google Webmaster Tools or ‘’ in Google shows your posts as indexed, everything is still ‘OK’.


    As I understand it, Google is reworking a lot of their search and index algorithms and the whole google search thing has been flakey lately.



    I didn’t see that anybody put this but everyone does know that they can see if their site is indexed in Google by going to and entering site: right?

    Also when you write a new post one can inform Google by going to


    Thanks for posting that as everyone does not know about that trick with Google. I was thinking it had been mentioned earlier in this thread, but perhaps not.

    WordPress automatically pings all major search engines and services through pingomatic each time you publish a post. It just takes Google a little time to figure out where to put you and to completely crawl your site.



    Hrmpf…I did mention it, 4 post above this one, but not in bold. In fact, you can use that to find any post or groups of posts in your blog, e.g. or Not related, but I frequently use it to have previously indexed category/tag/archive pages removed from Google’s index.



    I have being working on the issue of better indexing on Google and Bing. Although I am indexed, I am not between the first 50-100. They ask to add a meta on my blog which I know I can’t in
    The same thing is true to use Gmail Analytics, and recently I tried to get into Bing Webmaster Center and is asking the same. (I already read the topic in this forun, saying that is not necessary)
    The result is I am blow in the queue.
    I will check the tags and Categories I use in each one of these search engines.
    Also I tried to use the HTML error facility to correct the site, I got many errors (G and Bing say that errors avoid crawling), but I do not know how to use it.
    Any new idea to improve.?? Thanks


    @faqpba, we need a link to your blog please.



    I am sorry here it goes




    Being indexed by Google has nothing to do with where you end up in search results. If your blog is not relevant to what people search for, you will not show up anyway.

    This is how to verify a blog with Google so that you can use Google Webmaster Tools:
    Verifying with Bing is similar.



    Thanks husdal. I am verified with Google and Bing. The issue is that I cannot use their analytics.



    Unfortunately, with, there’s not much you can do about that. While the satts at are impressive, there’s only so much you can do with them.



    hi there, im having some issues with wordpress too. some my fault and some i cant quite get my head around. ill get to my faults after, as this may be the cause of my issues.

    firstly my site is

    the problem im having is, when i first started the site, i would write posts, publish them and then share them on digg, twitter, facebook etc no problems. once the site had started being shown on google i could see a new post in google searches within a couple of hours. and this was with the standard settings on wordpress.

    reading articles on the web i decided to make my website more search engine friendly, i changed my permalinks to /month/day/article from the standard and submitted my sitemap etc all was well. now, none of my new articles even make it onto google searches and doing a brings up some of the articles with the old permalinks and the rest of the results are for tags.

    i too use all in one seo… could this be causing my problems?

    the bit that is my stupid fault.
    i originally used free webhosting from 000 webhosting which was ad free and fine. although everytime i posted to twitter the short url ( it gave me would flag up as a bad link or spam (possible because of the domain ( so i decided to upgrade with them. silly idea…dont get me wrong the service i have now is really good, unlimited space and bandwidth, but i was kind of expecting some kind of tool to transfer my exsisting free hosting files onto the new hosting without a problem… no go joe! i had to complete rebuild the site, database and all and import what little i could.

    the problem is now that, even though i have requested google remove all instances of, it still shows up, often higher than my new site and when clicked gives a bad link which puts people off. i learnt that google penalises on duplicate pages and as there were now two of the same sites ive put down my poor results to this. ive removed the other site and tried where i can to put a forward page which redirects to my new site.

    sorry for the long message but im at the end of my tether, does anyone have any ideas how i can fix this f*** up?




    Before taking the time to write this long post for the technical support forum for wordpress.COM blogs, you should have taken the time to read
    8 things to know before posting in forums. You are in the wrong forum and very few, if anybody, will be able to give you an answer to your problem. You need to be in the forum for blogs.



    oops sorry about that!



    I started blogging about 1 month ago and the new posts were indexing by google normally.But suddenly I am watching that only 16 posts out of 33 are indexed in the webmaster tool.But when I search with site: then it shows the ‘cached’ links and the number of “cached” links are about 23.But recently the new posts are not appearing in the “cached” links list.I can’t understand what is wrong with my blog.Please help any body after visiting My site



    Google is crawling each post just after the publish



    please help me!!!!!!!


    One minute and you are in a panic? Virtually everyone answering questions in this forum is a volunteer. We have lives.

    And here is something that is going to panic you even more: Your blog is self-hosted and you are in the wrong forum. You need to seek support for self-hosted wordpress blogs at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .


    ‘scuz me, 5 minutes.

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