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SEO, keywords and wordpress

  1. I've been reading about using keywords for SEO and wondering how that plays out in wordpress.

    Where is it important to use your keywords--in the domain name? How about the tag that describes the domaine name? Is that just as important as the name?

    What about in the title of the post? And other than the title, where? At the beginning of the text of the post? the end of the text?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is not truly a technical support question about using software and features. Therefore I'm flagging the tread to have it moved to the Off-Topic Forum where you can get advice from other bloggers.

    P.S. The answers to your questions are easily found in my blog posts.

  3. Ok, thanks. Excuse my ignorance. I'm new to this blogging world and learning my way around.

  4. Not to worry. :)

    As you are new to blogging my very best advice ti so focus on producing high quality original content frequently. Keywords naturally occur in any writing in any language. Search spiders look for keywords in text. If the keywords used in URLs, titles, sub-titles, categories, tags, etc. are not supported by their occurrence in the text as well, then the search spiders are programmed to detect SEO gaming cough out any place those results waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the SERPs (search engine page results). New bloggers can get caught up in obsessing about SEO and stats but I caution you not to do that. Focus on creating high quality original content frequently.
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  5. Thanks. So what does it mean when there is a line through a link--e.g., your link above?

  6. It means there's a problem with your browser.

  7. Yea, but I can still click on the link and it opens. Think I should just ignore the problem?

  8. Yes, it'll probably go away the next time you restart your computer.

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