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SEO - Moving from self-hosted WP to

  1. Hello! I have been chewing on a rather interesting dilemma for the past couple days. I plan on moving a self-hosted WordPress blog over to

    So ok, what's the big deal? All I need to do is export the old blog, re-import it onto and reset the domain pointing. It really couldn't be easier - unless perhaps I could do it Neuromancer style with naught but my brain.

    However, here is the dilemma - I have set up my permalinks to read only and I even have my categories appended to This oviously conflicts with's plain-vanilla

    Given this, if I do a simple blog-import/domain-switcharoo Google will probably hate my poor little site for a month or even (more likely) longer.

    My current plan involves using Dean Lee's plugin ( and resetting my permalink structure to's plain-vanilla format. I'll let this stew for a month or so then perform my import.

    So does this sound like a good way to ease Google into a new permalink structure given my circumstance? And how long do I let my Lee-directed structure sit before moving to - one month or three? Is it even really necessary?

  2. I didn't quite realize it, but as an addendum - by WP.COM I do mean WORDPRESS.COM - what can I say? I'm a lazy typist.

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