SEO Nightmare

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    This is my first website so I am learning all the time. I’ve been building my site ( since November 2013 and have been learning all the way.

    It’s come to the point now where I’m pretty much happy with the design of my site but I need to get the SEO sorted. It seems ridiculous but when you type into Google “green dog walking” .. I come up on page 3! There are no other companies called Green Dog Walking, it only refers to sites such as and so on..

    I’ve gone through all the obvious things such as :
    – making sure the “discourage search engines” button isn’t checked
    – I’ve submitted a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
    – I’ve used SEO by Yoast to make pages that should be perfect for SEO such as
    – I’ve made sure my site isn’t blacklisted.

    I just can’t work out why I’m not ranking when that’s my websites name? I’ve given it enough time now to get ranked but it’s still not doing anything and this is going to really slow down my business start up once my adwords has run out.

    Any help at all would be really, really appreciated.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is



    The very first thing you need to do is ask for help in the right forum. For the version of WP software you are using, that is WordPress.ORG.




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