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    I am using the free for my blog.

    I need to put meta tags in my titles via the SEO plug-in or some other way.

    I hear some people say plug-ins are not allowed on

    Is there any way i can get meta tags or hidden tags in my title while keeping my blogs?

    I appreciate the help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Here on, we don’t have access to the underlying code of our blogs, so you can’t go that route. Why do you need to add metatags to the titles?

    If you are looking to register your blog with search engines, you should read this Support Doc



    Thanks for the reminder about your post, Panos. It’s summer and my brain is overheating. :)


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    Proof positive of my above statement. Thanks tt



    You’re welcome. :)


    Hello All

    I’ve been running my hosted blog for a month or so, so I hope I’m not making a newbie mistake here …

    A lot of the conversation connected with this issue seems to be about the ‘keywords’ element of the meta tag, with the usual warnings about Google et al and ‘keywords’ non-usage.

    However, if a blog post is returned in search engine results pages from Google, the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ elements of the meta tag can make the ‘snippet’ a lot more compelling/human readable.

    So I’m asking a similar question as ‘golduscoins’ did, but slightly more focused. How can I set the value for the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ elements of the meta tag for individual posts?

    I can send screen shots if that would help, and again apologies if this is a ‘dumb’ question.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    (ps my blog is


    You cannot set title or description meta tags for posts, pages, or for the entire site. When writing the titles for your posts, follow good SEO practices and include keywords in the title and make sure it is descriptive and such. Also, in the “slug” (post title part of your URL) you can look at doing a variation on the main title rather than having it identical. That broadens your search engine exposure and ways that people can find your site.


    One other thing I’ll say about meta descriptions, and this comes from my web design experience. Even with very well thought out and mothered-over meta descriptions, in my experience the search engines will only use those about half the time. The other half they ignore it and pull something out of the body of the article.

    I have a client who makes her living writing web copy and such and when I redid her site, she spent weeks creating and editing and massaging her meta descriptions and title tags and only half of them ended up on Google. On the others Google made its own choice from within the body of the pages and articles.

    It really isn’t going to be that long until the search engines start to ignore descriptions also since there is a movement by some to really load them up with keywords and such and the search engines will at some point start ignoring them just like they have with keywords.



    You will want to read this:

    Keywording. Like a Boss.


    Thank you thescartedpath and raincoaster for your prompt and detailed responses. The tip about differing slugs and titles is very good as well.


    You are welcome.

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