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    Hey! This is Rajeev I want to know how we can increase our page rank in Search engine?…help me please…






    First off Link 2 your WordPress.COM blog please starting with the prefix http
    So we can determine what blogging platform your blogging with so we can help you.



    I would like to know how to increase my PR too. I just started with WordPress but have had my domain name since earlier this year and it was used with another site provider. I checked today and I have no PR. I know I have many link exchange partners and I am trying to get them all transferred over to the new site. Can someone please tell me what else I can do to improve PR? Where is the best place to have my link exchange partners noted? I have some on a seperate page titled Link Exchange and I have some in my site links under Link Partners. Please help, I’m all ears.


    It can take months until Google gives you a PageRank. And you should be careful about what you call “link exchange partners.” Google is aware of various reciprocal linking schemes that exist only to influence PageRank. If you’re involved in something like that, they may reduce your PageRank, or even refuse to rank you at all. However, perfectly legitimate reciprocal links are not a problem. Google has the experience to know the difference.



    ,blockquote>I just started with WordPress but have had my domain name since earlier this year and it was used with another site provider.
    This actually can’t be correct. Your site has wordpress.COM in the url and you couldn’t have used it with another site provider.

    Perhaps it was your intent to do Domain Mapping (see the FAQ) but as of this writing, you have not. So it is no surprise that your wordpress.COM url has no page rank



    Hello Rajeev – Your question is two-fold; on the one hand you say “Page Rank” which is PR; on the
    other hand, you say “on Search Engine” – which indicates general Search Engines and means (since
    only Google awards PRs) that you might mean Search Result Page Positioning. That’s something different.

    A) PR: As some of my preceding colleagues say, PR is a tricky one. It takes months to gain just one PR
    rank, especially if you are still at zero. You can do a few things:

    a) Exchange links. But as sensuouscurmudgeon correctly pointed out, partner schemes are very dangerous
    and even counterproductive. That’s why I said exchange links and not Link Exchanges. Target websites
    in similar industries and topics as yourself, e-mail them and offer to exchange. Yes, it WILL take
    months, but it’s safer. Much safer. Expect a return of maybe only 1 – 3 % in replies, so it’s time
    consuming, too.

    b) Buy links. Now that’s usually a no-no, and certainly frowned upon by Google. It’s also not ethical.
    But you don’t have to actually pay; do your partner a favor, or give them a special promotion or
    discount. That’s OK, I believe, and OK especially since you’d do it with a related topic site.

    c) Blog, blog, blog. And post articles. Comment unnecessary.

    d) Get included in business directories, yellow pages, specialty directories, etc. There are tons of
    Yellow Page sites and many of them are much of the same but there is one that’s a little different
    than others because it has quite a few SEO & knowledge pages. It’s called
    and is very good. Neat and clear to use. Comes up high on the search engines, too. But try to be
    included in all the others, too. If you are a business, is by far the best for
    regular listings although they don’t offer a whole lot of functions. But Manta has a huge and very
    reliable database (they are owned by Dun & Bradstreet, so they better be reliable!) – and they come
    high, too.

    e) Believe it or not – and this is my own theory and experience from , the Montreal
    SEO Consultants where I work – try to build as many pages as possible, (2-3 clicks deep!!!) and
    link them as much as you can. This is contrary to common wisdom but I think it works.

    B) Search Results Page Positioning: Good old-fashioned SEO, the organic kind. Content, Titles, Meta
    Descriptions, H1 – H3, the works. You are welcome to contact me at my Montreal SEO Consulting
    office of at any time: (email redacted). And no, I won’t charge you a
    dime for a few tips.



    I have only been on for 30 hours so I probably have much to learn; however, for me the key is not PR or Page Rank, but as meirne points out is Search Results Page Positioning. Page Rank has nothing to do with your blog’s visibility on the search engines.

    The other point that vivianpaige makes on another query, is that does much of the typical SEO work behind the scenes. There are wordpress based products that have SEO features beyond what you will find here, but they often will need to be hosted on a server independent of T


    Little is known about how to improve your positioning in Google searches. My sense of it is that the more articles you post on a specific topic, the higher Google’s automatic formulas will rank you. Also, Google loves links, so including links within your articles is probably a good thing to do. I often link to Wikipedia when I use technical terms. I don’t know if my readers care, but I suspect that Google does. It shouldn’t be necessary to say this, but your links should be to quality sites, not to the dark side of the internet.

    Google can easily scan your articles for intemperate language, but I don’t know if they do this. I’m guessing, but I suspect that the more vulgarities you use, the lower your Google score will be. Even if it makes no difference to Google, it’s still something to think about. If your writing would shock your mother, it probably won’t encourage Google to give you top position.

    Finally, although you have no control over this, I suspect that the more hits you get as a result of Google searches, the higher your score will be. Hits raise your positioning, which results in more hits. The trick is to get noticed to begin with, and that’s just a matter of diligent posting. If there were an easy answer, we’d all have top positioning in Google searches. But we don’t.

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