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    I am trying to tag my pages and my SEO site identified 23 pages. I do not need 23, I only have 6 pages listed. How do
    I get rid of the other 17? I am a Professional Home Stager and there are very few words that describe what I do. Please help

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t have 23. What I’m guessing (and I have to guess, since you didn’t link to “my SEO site”) is that it’s also seeing your local tag and category pages. You don’t need to worry about those extra results.

    If you are concerned about good SEO, making pages instead of Posts is a terrible idea, for many technical reasons. Make posts instead.



    I had a gal set it up for me and when I went to tag the pages, I got into all sorts of issues with duplicate tags, external and internal something or others etc.. It was all blamed on WordPress not GoDaddy so I am not sure if things will search as they should.

    My previous website was hosted and all was done for me but now I am on my own, I need to get this to work properly.. Home staging doesn’t lend itself to a lot of descriptive words so I am limited to what I can use for tags. Home Staging, SWFL home Staging, redesign, consult etc…

    All this is set up and I finally got photos to load on the portfolio so I don’t want to mess with what I don’t have time to learn. As you can tell I am a “for Dummies” type I can stage and sell but have no idea how to get a site to search or set one up for that matter… Thanks for the suggestion though…


    What is the URL of the blog you are talking about? It sounds as if it is self-hosted.


    Let’s take a simple example of how you can have a bunch of pages with little content. I’ve simplified this and lets say both posts where done in the same month/year but on two different days.

    Home page: Counts as 1 page to SE

    Post 1: 2 categories and 4 tags: Counts as 7 pages to SE (1post + 2 categories pages + 4 tags pages = 7 pages)

    Post 2: two different categories, 4 different tags: (Again 7 pages to a SE)

    About page: counts as 1 page to SE

    Archives page displaying year: 2 posts listed on one page (1 page to a SE)

    Archives post displaying month 2 posts listed on one page (1 page to a SE)

    Archives page displaying days (1 post each on two different day archive pages (2 pages to a SE)

    Total pages for 2 posts made on 2 different days in the same month/year, a home page and an about page = 20 pages total to a SE.



    Thanks for explaining that SP…. what a nightmare… I am trying “self hosting” thru GoDaddy and this is turning into a full time job. I am guessing I don’t need to be concerned with the same tags on “pages” that don’t mean anything to anyone but GoDaddy… it does sound like I can end up with more pages as I blog in the future. Adding 10 pages at a time will cause another nightmare…I will just continue as I am… and hope for the best.. or go get a Masters in Computer Sc….!!! Happy New Year….Kathy



    When you’re hosted on Godaddy, you’ll need to seek help at WordPress.ORG instead, and if you think this is complex you have NO IDEA what you’re in for.



    I am a bit confused – Godaddy is mentioned many times as “self hosted” but the URL linked to their name maps to a WordPress.COM hosted site but the name is registered at Godaddy.

    The URL goes to a site with 5 or so Pages and 2 or 3 Posts – me thinks @swflrs is making things harder than they need to be – they don’t say what they are using the “SEO” package to do. WordPress.COM has very good SEO built in –



    Adding pages is gonna do fuckall for SEO anyway.



    Agreed. Posts have lots of Google juice and static pages don’t. If your are focused on SEO then you do not create a page based blog structure.

    A WordPress blog can either be structured as a page based website or its conventional post based structure can be retained. That’s why understanding the the differences between posts and pages is key to decision making when selecting a theme, and setting up your blog

    Static Pages sit outside the blog structure. Static pages cannot have Categories and Tags assigned to them. Pages do not appear in our RSS feeds. Most Pages do not have date stamps in their URLs. They have very little “google juice” Other bloggers rarely if ever backlink to static Pages in their published posts. Consequently, Page structured blogs have a very difficult time:
    1. securing traffic;
    2. securing comments;
    3. securing backlinks;
    4. achieving authority in their niche;
    5. achieving Google PageRank.

    More here >

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