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    I am new to blogging and just started a few days ago. I have 6 blog posts and now realize these posts would be better separated into pages. How do I separate the blog posts into pages now that they are published?

    The blog I need help with is


    Your question isn’t clear to me. If you mean having, say, three posts in each page, you set that in Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most …”. If you mean splitting one long post into a series of pages, you use the nextpage tag – see here:

    And a note re your use of tags: tags and categories function in exactly the same way – there’s no point in using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag in the same post.



    I read that support page on splitting content before I posted in the support forum but it didn’t work. I tried it again and still does not separate by posts on the front page.

    I have 6 posts on my blog all on one page. I want to separate them into pages. One page per case. I inserted the code at the end of each post and it did not separate the posts into pages. I went back and inserted the code at the beginning and the end of each post and still did not separate the posts into separate pages.

    This is the blog:

    Also I am already getting complaints on the size of the text. Is there a place to find the HTML codes to increase the text size, etc.?

    Sorry, I am new at this and feel like I need to just quit.

    I do understand what you are saying about Tags and Categories. I have made changes to that. I think it’s better.


    As I said, if what you want is one post per page, you go to Settings > Reading and set “Blog pages show at most …” to 1. Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

    As for changing the text size, you can find codes for that in the FAQs or the forum (or I can tell you here), but it’s not worth it. First, what one sees depends on his screen resolution. Second, all browsers have a zoom-in function – you can tell that to those who complain.



    You do realize that if someone clicks on the title of any post, no matter how many you have on the front page, it’ll open its own page?



    Thanks for the help. I will look up the codes in FAQs. I did tell a few they could use their zoom. Seems I’ve got some handicapped readers.

    Raincoaster, I do know that each post will open into it’s own page. I am trying to organize the blog for better accessing each crime case. I worked it out overnight by just reposting. Thank you.


    @shadowcrime, We cannot organize posts onto different pages. There is only one blog page, and that is the main page of your blog.

    The way you separate or organize posts in a blog is to categorize your posts and then when someone clicks on a particular category name in the categories widget, they are taken to a listing of just the posts in that category.

    You can, if you wish go a step further and make a static front page and in the body of that page put links to those categories.

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