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separate categories

  1. Now that we can add more than 1 category widget, is there a way to just show part of them in category 1 and another part in Category 2?
    Like choosing the "mother" category i have, called Names and just showing that and all it's "sons", and in number 2, just show all the other as a dropdown.
    That would be sooooo great! :D

    If that isn't possible, am I missing something in the utility of being able to have more than 1 category widget?

    thank you! :)


  2. Saddly, no, you can only have one category widget (atleast as far as i know lol). Also unfortunatly the chaotic soul theme you use is one of the few that dont allow you to have the categories as a drop down menu for some reason.

  3. as of yesterday you are allowed to have more than 1 category widget: check it out in the widget configuration page :D

    that is why I am asking what one can do with more than one, if you can do more than just duplicate the category list on the side bar :) :S

    edit: and the dropdown does work with my theme :)

  4. Please remember to search the forums before posting because 99% of the time, your question has already been answered.

    We think it's supposed to work that way but we can't figure out how to do it. ;)

  5. So you can, however it doesnt seem like you can edit the widgets to show only certain categories

  6. Agreed. I know we can do it on my own Mu install and I'm assuming that that was the point with what occuring here but I can't figure out how to do it.

  7. I swear I did made a search for it first and did not find it.

    anyway, I can't understand the use of it, or how to use it either :S

    I have it now on my blog just to test it, and it just show all the categories anyway

  8. eerr, can someone translate Mu for me, please? :S :)

  9. Mu = WordPress Multiuser. It's the software running this site. The Please read me first sticky explains a bit. Sorry about that. :)

  10. @salamandrine
    MU stands for multi-user. We at are all working on a shared multi-user blogging platform. The multiple categories widget feature was been sprung on us at the same time everyone else heard about it. We volunteers have no additional information and don't know how to use the dear little things ourselves.

    I remember you posting yesterday and I know you are a newbie struggling to learn. My advice is to set the categories widgets matter aside until we get more information on it.

  11. ok, sorry for the dumb question ehehhe

    but I still don't understand how is it that we can select different categories on different category widgets :(

    sorry if I'm just being plain blind :S

  12. Not a problem. :)

  13. Ok timethief!! :D

    thanks a lot, again! ;)

    I will wait :)

  14. You're not being blind - we don't know either. Welcome to a weekend where beta testing yet another new "feature" is bound to become the focus of confusion for the next 2 days.

    Keep your head down, keep your girls up and keep blogging. ;)

  15. ehehehehe

    well, i bet (at least hope :P) volunteers do have a reserved spot somewhere in blogging virtual heaven ;)

  16. The next time you're on your knees please, put in a good word for us. :D

  17. Nah, 481st layer of hell more likely.

  18. LOL

    it sound more like some level of purgatory :D

  19. @ salamandrine
    Here's a link to some helpful beginner's resources

  20. thank's a lot timethief. that will point me the way - been surfing back and forward through FAQ's and forums :)

  21. You're welcome and if you "lose" the link just click on my username.
    It's linked to my beginner resources blog.

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