“Separate multiple categories with commas.”

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    “Separate multiple categories with commas.” That is how the category-system works. I am actually not very pleased with that, because it would be more practical if we could have commas in a category-headline. And it does not really save you any time.

    So what say you people? Do you agree? I thought we could discuss it here before (perhaps) contacting support…



    I have no idea where you’re putting in multiple categories with commas.


    What do you mean? Here it is drmike. Screenshot: http://i7.tinypic.com/2jdopzo.jpg



    Oh, that. Sorry about that. :)

    Why not just add it in over at Manage -> Categories? The bit there is just a quick add in case you’ve forgotten a category. It’s not the normal method for putting in categories into the system.


    Oh! I did not know that! So you can have a category for more topics separated in the category-headline by commas after all. Thank you!



    How am I suppose to delete the categories?



    ->Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories
    find the category and then the “delete” button – click it. :-)

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