separate profiles for separate blogs?

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    I have two blogs that when I log in to one, it logs me into both. I wanted two completely separate profiles but that doesn’t seem to be feasible. Is it possible or do I need to log out, then register the new one? Thanks in advance!



    You need two completely separate identities if you want separate profiles. Say your existing ID is ID 1; you need to register an ID 2, then have ID 1 make ID 2 admin of blog #2. Then have ID 2 delete ID 1 from blog 2.



    I tried this but it just looped me around to starting a third one. Can you give me specific steps as I think I’m doing something wrong? Thanks!



    You need two unique usernames each with unique email addresses. If you use the same email address for both you will have problems. If you have 2 unique usernames and 2 unique email addresses and still experience this problem then don’t create a 3rd blog instead be sure you are only logged in with one username at a time. And if you are doing that and still have the problem ask for staff help

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