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    Is there a way to have the statistics for each post shown above each post so the viewers will be aware about the numbers of visit of each post?
    If so how can it be done, if no … I really wonder the answer “no” as this feature is really basic, it’s really useful and wordpress is the best service provider and really unbelievable it hasn’t thought about it yet


    There isn’t a way to show the stats for each separate post to readers here at When it comes to stats, keep in mind that hosts millions of blogs using tens of thousands of database tables across several data centers. So it becomes a matter of scaling. It isn’t practical to lookup the latest stats for every single post on every blog every time someone loads a page.

    It’s a neat idea though. :)


    isn’t it possible to ask for the other brothers and sisters help?
    Like sister polldady? it counts all the rates even for comments, just a number for each post seems to be very easy then,


    Great idea..if collaborate with others systems… :)


    Read designsimply’s reply. It would be a nightmare for them and considering that polldaddy, etc. are most likely on the same servers as wordpress (consolidation to reduce costs) having polldaddy do it would not lessen the issues or loads.



    If you were to insert an image in each post, much as WP inserts Angela (the little smiley) on every page, and you hosted that image on an external site which gave you that information and only hotlinked it to your posts here, rather than hosted it at, AND added something like Google Analytics to that external site, presumably you could get the stats that way.


    ooops it seems to be very difficult, and atlast “presumably”?
    isn’t there anything easier?
    I really wonder with sth designsimply said. yeah, you are right about it becomes a matter of scaling but in comparison with many other services that WP provides it seems to be nothing then

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