separate Typekit subscription?

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    Hello. I currenlty have a Premium upgrade. But now my fonts are not working. How do I fix this problem? Thanks….

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is


    Custom Fonts is part of Custom Design upgrade which is bundled in Premium plan. So a separate Typekit subscription is not required.

    Your site looks fine to me although I am unsure which fonts you were hoping to see.

    May be you can try clearing browser cache or try using a different browser or device and see how it looks?


    I reviewed the settings for, and it looks like you may have had a separate Typekit account setup for your blog in the past (back when that was an option) and the Typekit Kit ID setting is no longer connected in your blog for some reason. I’m not sure how it may have been disconnected, but I can help you try to re-connect one if you’re still interested in using your separate Typekit account. If you are, please let me know your Typekit Kit ID.

    Or, it’s also possible for you to switch to the newer font support provided in the Appearance > Customize > Fonts panel that chaitanyamsv mentioned—however, you should be aware that switching to that system would be a permanent change and you would not be able to go back to using an outside Typekit account in the future after the change is made. This is because support for the older way of connecting an outside fonts account was discontinued in the past. You can find out more about the Custom Fonts feature at

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