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    I have a blog with several pages on it. On one page, I would like to be able to display certain posts (ie. under category “x”), whereas on another page, I would like to display different posts (ie. under category “y”). When I write posts, I don’t want the ones of different categories to mix together and be shown on one page. Is this possible?

    OR: If the posts do mix together on one page, is it possible to draw out some of the posts and have them sit alone on a separate page?

    If you need an example: Say I have all new posts displaying on the “Front Page.” Some of the posts fall under the “General” category, while some fall under the “Uncategorized” category. Now, say I also have two pages, “General” and “Uncategorized.” Can I make it so that on the “General” page, only posts in the “General” category show up there? Likewise, only posts in the “Uncategorized” category will show up on the “Uncategorized” page?



    A blog is not a webbsite. The way blogs work is that they have only 1 dynamic page that will automatically update with each new post you make. This is normally the front page but can be changed to another.

    All other “Pages” you create sit outside the blog structure. They are for static content that rarely changes. They do not automatically update. Categories cannot be assigned to them. The only way to update them is manually via editing. They lack the Google juice that posts gets.



    When you use categories/tags, you already have a dynamic page for each tag; just click on the tag title in the sidebar and voila! If you want to feature them even more, you can make a text widget with links to your local tag pages.

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