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    Hi all,

    I hope this won’t be too confusing. In Oxygen’s featured slider, the post title (and its background) are always contained inside the boundaries of the featured image. I’d like to separate them so that, for instance, one can be set flush with the right margin and the other flush with the left margin. The idea is to have the two elements, image and text box, appear as two separate but overlapping rectangles.

    Is this possible? I’ve tried fiddling with the CSS but no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Maybe it will help you to visualize the pieces with borders. Here is some CSS you can use to see the different elements. Try adding them in the Appearance > Customize > CSS editor one at a time so you can see how it all fits together:

    /* containers for recent posts */
    .recent-articles .post {
    	border: 2px dashed red;
    /* container for the main elements inside each recent post */
    .recent-articles .featured-image {
    	border: 2px dashed blue;
    .recent-articles .entry-title {
    	border: 2px dashed blue;
    .recent-articles .entry-meta {
    	border: 2px dashed green;
    .recent-articles .entry-summary {
    	border: 2px dashed purple;


    Hi designsimply,

    I was secretly hoping you’d reply, with your clear and helpful advice. I followed your advice. It turns out “.featured-post .entry-title a” was the culprit. Fixed now. Thanks very much for the help.


    Aha, great!

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