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    I want to separate my link lists on my widget bar. How can I move one category below one widget and another category above the same widget. When I creat separate categories it automatically lists them one on top of the the other with all the link categories listed one after another on my widget bar. Is there a way that I can move each link category around?



    I don’t know if this question reads the way I am asking it. I just want to move each link category around on my widget bar. Is there a way to move the lists of links around so they aren’t all on the same spot on the widget bar?



    Fore Example; my widgets are in this orderl

    1. Links (Categories 1 & 2)
    2. Text: Entrecard Sponsor
    3. Tag Cloud

    I want to move them around like this;

    1. Links (Category 1)
    2. Text: Entrecard Sponsor
    3. Links (Category 2)
    4. Tag Cloud


    Your question is clear, but first we need a link to your blog.



    I want to separate the “About our Service Links” and the “Blogroll”

    Can I do this?



    I believe you belong in the wordpress.ORG forum not the wordpress.COM forum


    Sorry, dwdyem2001. That’s one of the reasons we ask for a link: we get a lot of wrong visits from non wp.COM bloggers, so we need to know if you’re in the right forum and if our answers would apply. Please head over to .

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