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separating posts to pages/limiting x amount of photos per page?

  1. I've just created a photo blog It's just a simple photo blog, rarely any text, however as you can see if you go to the page its jam-packed with way too many photos for one page, its just going to get longer too. I would love to be able to break up each post separately, or an even better option, would be to limit each page to 'x' amount of photos i.e: 20 per page.

    I've tried to put <!--nextpage--> at the bottom of the HTML coding when creating the post, that doesn't help because all the photos are uploaded into one gallery.

    Your help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. "nextpage" and "more" are not the same thing.

    Also, you need to put them at the point where you want to split content, not at the bottom of the HTML code.

  3. You can set the number of posts per page under Settings->Reading. If you want fewer photos per post, upload fewer and make more posts.

  4. Looking back... "nextpage" is fine, but "more" is another option that serves the same need. Sorry if I made it sound like you were confusing both.

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