Separating two blogs.

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    Please note: THIS IS NOT ABOUT MOVING A BLOG! (Thanks for hearing that first.)

    While I was in my original blog, I created a new one. Unfortunately, the two blogs are now linked, and posts I have tried to write on the new blog have the author name AS the original blog. ALSO, when I try to publish to the NEW BLOG from my Word program, the only option it gives me to publish is the ORIGINAL BLOG.

    How do I separate these and create a completely separate blog, having nothing to do with the original one, that Word will recognize as the new one, not the original.

    I have tried everything I know to do, and the Help section’s “How to Move a Blog” is absolutely not what I need.

    Thanks if you can tease this apart!

    Veni Fields

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not familiar with how Word deals with publishing to more than one site and perhaps you would better find your answer in MS’s support docs than here.

    I did find this for you:

    Best wishes

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